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A message from Pastor Stanley 

I greet you all, with the joy and peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are extremely grateful to be here for over 114 years, strong and still standing!


Our ministry has lived through some tough times, but through it all, we remained vigilant and attentive to the needs of the community we serve. Because of our long-standing commitment to serving others, we have been fortunate enough to be the genesis of many ministries most notably, the congregation of Tifereth Israel Synagogue, who worshipped at Creston Avenue Baptist Church in 1919. We have also extended our doors to Pastor Salvado Sabino and his congregation in their formative years and Pastor Fernando Cabrera of New Life Bronx at a time most needed. We have a deep affinity towards our longevity in dealing in our community and abroad, knowing that the lifespan of a church is about 70 years and plateaus approximately 15 years ( Burrill, R., 2004). And so this knowledge affords us the solace of gratitude, realizing that it was God himself who ordained us and rooted our journey here in the Bronx. 


Our congregation is made up of a diverse group of individuals who love to serve the Lord. Thus, as God's workmen, let us lay aside every unnecessary weight, running the race set before us with endurance and optimism always. For we are not running as people without an aim or a goal. Neither are we fighting like boxers beating the air. God's plan is to prosper, not hinder, and to bring hope in the lives of them that believe. As your pastor and overseer for our ministries in the Philippines, I embrace His plan for us at Creston and the global initiative we have towards communities at large. 


In conclusion, our vision is sure: We are committed to Restoring Lives and Building People. Our mission is to educate, nurture, equip, and empower individuals to find freedom, discover their redemptive purpose, and make a difference in the life of another person through the art of discipleship. Finally, I thank God for every member, both future and present, who has and will choose to call Creston your church home. I thank you for your generosity, love, commitment, and loyalty. And so, as we celebrate our future and the great things God has for us, we must now more then ever, stand firm for equality and justice carrying out that great commission which has been entrusted to us as the body of Christ.  Shalom! 


Grace and Peace Always,

Pastor Marcia E. Stanley



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